TransHub LogoTranshub provides personalised, reliable public transport planning for Windows Phone 7.
Transhub removes the hassle of confusing timetables and frustrating journey planning for Adelaide, Auckland, Cairns, Canberra, Perth, Sydney or Townsville public transport. By combining state of the art travel planning, up to date timetables and full personalisation, Transhub saves you time by providing the most accurate and quickest routes (by bus, train, and/or ferry) to your destination in a matter of seconds. With an activated GPS, Transhub will update your map showing you where you are and where you need to take the next step of your trip.Never be lost again with Transhub, the application that will revolutionise how you interact with public transport with key features, such as:
  • Multiple Journey Options
  • Complete, Accurate and Up-To-Date Database
  • GPS Travel Tracking
  • Personalise Your Public Transport Experience
  • Affordability – less than 10 cents per week!

Multiple Journey Options
TransHub Search ResultsHave you ever missed a bus, or sat around waiting for a bus that never showed, throwing your entire trip off track? Not only would you then need to find another bus, but you may also need to find one or more connecting bus rides before you miss the next one! With Transhub, you will receive multiple accurately planned journeys to resolve your public transport emergency within a matter of seconds. Be prepared for whatever life will throw at you, with Transhub.

Complete, Accurate and Up-To-Date Database
Forget about the hassle of confusing timetables! No matter what form of public transport you’re interested in, Transhub provides complete access to all of your timetable information. Transhub’s data is directly sourced from the official public transport website, allowing Transhub to provide the most complete and precise times available.

GPS Travel Tracking
Journey MapNever worry again about whether you’re headed the right direction, with real-time GPS updates of your current location on a map with your journey plan. You can even see markers on your journey map indicating each stop along the way, so that you can rest assured that you haven’t missed your stop.

Personalise Your Public Transport Experience
Transhub helps make public transport work for you by including a large number of options so you can have control over your transport:

SettingsNo one wants to spend their day walking back and forth between bus or train stops, so Transhub has introduced ‘maximum walking distance’ to help out! You’re able to choose the maximum amount you’d be willing to walk is, and Transhub will automatically accommodate your desires by setting up a journey that works for you, with as much or as little walking as you desire.

You can further personalise Transhub with your ‘walking speed’. Transhub will automatically adjust its calculated walking time to fit your chosen speed. Walk at whatever speed is most comfortable for you, and know that Transhub will provide you with a perfect journey created for you.

Saved JourneysAnother innovative option is the ability to save a journey plan. This allows quick and easy access to the more complicated, unfamiliar taken routes or justs lets you plan your day’s travel in advance. Worry no more about remembering every leg of your journey.

Revolutionise how you interact with public transport, by letting Transhub make public transport work for you.


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