TransHub Sydney is now available on the WP7 Marketplace

6We’re pleased to announce that TransHub Sydney is now LIVE for download and purchase on the marketplace. You can get it at

If you want to test it out before you buy it from the marketplace, it comes with a fully functional, 7 day trial period. It’s available to download for people with an Australian live id, and we’ve just opened it to USA live id this morning (but may take 24hrs to filter through).

We’d love to hear your feedback, so make sure you head over to feedback and tell us all the features and improvements you’d like to see for future versions so we can make this the best public transport application on Windows Phone 7.


Presenting on TransHub at Mobile Monday Sydney


We’re down in Sydney on Monday the 5th September and we’re heading over to Mobile Monday Sydney to give a short presentation about TransHub.

We’ll get the opportunity to personally road test the application when we come down.

We’ve got a 5 minute slot at the event which is being held at Kent Street Living Room, Level 1, The City Hotel with doors opening at 6:30pm for  a 7pm start.

We’d love to hear from anyone who has ideas for the application or those that have tried it and have some feedback or of course if you’re just there to say hello.

TransHub – your questions answered

99ColourWe released a sneak peak on our upcoming Windows Phone 7 application TransHub to facebook earlier in the week and were overwhelmed with a few common questions we thought would be best answered here so everyone can benefit. It’s been great to see interest in the application and we’ve had lots of offers from people to help beta test etc. so thank you all very much for your support.

What is TransHub?

TransHub provides personalised, reliable public transport planning as a Windows Phone 7 application. Transhub removes the hassle of confusing timetables and frustrating journey planning for Sydney public transport. By combining state of the art travel planning, up to date timetables and full personalisation, Transhub saves you time by providing the most accurate and quickest routes (by bus, train, and/or ferry) to your destination in a matter of seconds. With an activated GPS, Transhub will update your map showing you where you are and where you need to take the next step of your trip.

For those who want to get a feel for what the application looks like here’s some screen grabs from the application. We’ve taken screen shots with the black theme but it also looks great in the white theme.


When will it be available?

We’ve submitted the application to the marketplace for certification and expect it to be live in the next few days. As it was the first release and was on a strict deadline for the Spotlight program we didn’t get all the features in we really wanted so we’re already preparing an updated version fixing a few issues our beta testers have identified and adding a bunch of extra feature to improve the overall application experience.

Is it available for other cities?

At this stage we are aiming the initial releases at Sydney, so we can road test it on an audience and make some improvements you want to see. We have plans to expand to other cities in the future if the application is successful, so stay tuned for a TransHub near you.

How can I ask for features that I want?

At the moment the best way for bug reports, feature requests or general questions is to drop us an email at but we’re looking at setting up systems for feature requests, and voting on features and changes soon.

TransHub makes the final 4 in Australia’s Spotlight for Windows Phone

We’re proud to announce that TransHub has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Spotlight program from Microsoft Australia.

The Spotlight for Windows Phone gives Transhub the opportunity to present at Australia’s TechEd conference on the Gold Coast, allowing us to launch TransHub Sydney to the audience of 2,500 Australian developers.